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Meet Abigail Troutman

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take - Wayne Gretzky

What is Abyism Co

Abyism Co was founded from a pure thought of spreading pure intentions.

Abigail always has found herself surrounded with friends and colleagues enjoying creating and hosting events, Conceptualizing Creative Meetings for original concepts, inspirational quotes, Creating Merchandise & Marketing Promotions. Building one relationship at a time into our Abyism Co website.

Abigail Troutman's professional experience started at 14 years old with a work permit. McDonald's at the Arboretum in South Charlotte in the summer of 1996.There was a high school club "DECA" for the Marketing class that gave out early release to work... win win,,, pay check and I could leave school early! So needless to say I really liked working and enjoyed the skills each position grew in my training of "Life Skills" in addition to the Marketing and Public Speaking classes. From there Ernie's Music & other odd and end retail and restaurant positions until I left to move to my moms for college in Wilmington, NC and then back to Charlotte again later on.

Abigail's path continued in Sales & into creative positions such as Flower Shops,  Real Estate & Space Planning,  Architecture Project Management, L'Oreal Fragrance, Automotive Industry, Purchasing & Inventory Control for a large manufacturer, OOH Billboards and Copyrighting Websites. 

Last to mention & by far the best experience of its own kind.. Venture X - Toringdon offered Abigail the position of Director of Sales in July 2019 and started from the ground up in October 2019 representing the top property in demand with turn key luxury office space!  Abigail thrived with the highly demanded property with an extremely successful Grand Opening 3/12/2020! In the blink of an eye COVID19 was shutting down Charlotte and Abigail's position was placed on furlough & later permanently laid off. What's next she asked herself... what feels natural... what problems can I solve... The next question, the most important question: How can Abigail talk to professionals, grow their reach and sales goals while building others home based businesses... One conversation at a time connecting each other!  Brought to you since 1982.

This is a work in progress & I would like you to be a part of it! 

VerbalVisualizer.com - FREE Creative Coaching!  

AbyismCo.com - Where did you get that? Cool Shops to browse in :) 

BoredinthAhouse.com - Digital Art Gallery - Coming Fall 2020!

 Abyism Co has been molding over the past couple of years thought about every day many times a day from concept to conception and then refined over and over. Placing AbyismCo.com here in the year 2020, Worth all the effort and conversations!  

Since March of 2020 my life has come to a complete stop. Everyone around the world is experiencing nothing and everything at the same time, this is a first for EVERYONE! There is so much we have to be Thankful for such as the medical doctors & nurses along with teachers virtually committed to our children of the world, the USPS and all the delivery drivers! There are so many changes yet so many are stopping the old way of living (the "normal before COVID") and have had to look within and unplug. Parents love on their kiddos more, kiddos can play board games with the family again... the house is clean or cleaner now and people are tapping into their natural skills and talents! 

Fast forward to May 2020... 2 Months later & I'm realizing that I have to do THIS on my own with the help of my community! My parents taught me by both being self employed that you don't have to rely on an employer... Be your own employer! As I build this Community on Abyism Co through friends & vendors one conversation at a time!  I welcome anyone to reach out and introduce yourself or Nominate a business for me to reach out to! Lets add some of your favorite local shops to AbyismCo.com & watch our business grow through this 2020 year together! 

AbyismCo.com specializing in finding local shops that have cool items evoking your trigger finger to buy & support their business!  -Abigail Troutman

We believe passionately in great products & excellent service, which is why we commit ourselves to giving you the best of both as a great place to visit and browse around.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"  -Wayne Gretzky

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