New Launch - August 2017

Abyism Co is created from the term "Abyisms" that are quotes from Abigail Troutman, the Verbal Visualizer. An Abyism is an epiphany from an ordinary meaning to a metaphorical story of words, quotes and verbal visualizations... How far can your imagination visualize with the spoken word transformed into products that set you in your own self reflection of comfort.
Join Abyism Co in a JOURNEY of a new website & all the possibilities that are yet to be revealed!
August 2017 marks first month LIVE for Abyism Co!!
Verbal Visualizer was started in 2009 with the concept of sustainable design, architecture, advertising/marketing concepts, consulting, branding, and of course a constant flow of interest to keep bettering the quality of life!
There is a modern day misconception of *NEW* that creates a "disposable mentality" that will continue to pollute not only the generations to follow but the Earth we all call home!
Abyism Co covers so many fields we are wanting to slowly come out into the world in baby steps as a child would, day by day.
August is an AMAZING month to launch, being that everyone is at their peak of outdoor activities and everyone is vacationing all the while Abyism Co is created!

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